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MLOps is a platform which allows to develop, manage, and distribute Data labeling and AI model in easier and more convenient way. MLOps applies rapidly changing data to business, reliably and efficiently, based on AI and allows innovative idea, essential for company, to be applied to its business environment in a timely manner.

    • Collect, save, and manage various data such as sensor data, csv, video, and image
    • Data labelling
    • Jupyter Lab for model development, Model Registry
    • Learn, evaluate, distribute, and monitor model
    • Easily collect and save data using API, Utilize model inference service
    • Auto Labeling for much faster labeling and cost saving
    • Develop model rapidly, manage efficiently, and support service launch timely

Failure prediction system

Failure prediction system predicts failure in advance by learning logs and statistical data based on AI technology. The system automatically collects various indicator(performance, statistic, etc.) or log(HW/SW) from operating ICT infrastructure in order to predict failure through AI engine.

    • Pipeline that automatically collects logs/statistics from service equipment
    • Visualize prediction result
    • Notify abnormal status detect information
    • Ensure high availability and high reliability by eliminating obstacles in advance
    • Minimize loss and cost which can be caused by service interruption
    • Secure preventive system diagnosis time by detecting abnormal sign in advance
    • Reduce time to identify basic reason of abnormal symptom

Traffic big data system

Traffic big data system facilitates data accumulation and distribution and contributes to open data. The system creates new value of future traffic by optimal data convergence through core data.

    • Produce and construct traffic big data based on vehicle number recognition and CCTV video analysis
    • Data construct and compatibility using open format
    • Unify open and sharing system through platform
    • Center infrastructure using Hadoop cluster

Digital Brand Solution

Digital Brand is an essential strategic concept which innovates traditional brand concept to suit digital environment and redefines client experience in modern way. The special features include customer-centered digital experience and data-based personalization targeting digital native generation. Brand strength, personalized customer service, and competitive advantage are also available while building the Digital Brand.

    • Reflect immediately on client feedback and requirement in the business
    • Various add-on based on individual needs (Design personal DIY plan, prepay without contract, purchase data per hour, etc.)
    • Maximize user experience by ensuring real-time responsiveness of app use